An introduction

My name is Ben and I am the founder and director of For Changemakers, a new organisation for
motivating and helping young people to become changemakers in the communities they occupy. Our
vision is to facilitate disruptive cross-sector collaboration to drive systemic social change. This blog is my
way of sharing my journey with you, in founding and now running For Changemakers, and also as a
young medical student interested in the future social impact space that I will inevitably end up working in.

To find out more about our organisation and join our events or website, head over to
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We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Time to start from the very beginning, and  how the whole thing started. I have always considered myself
entrepreneurial, and throughout my teenage years I usually had a few small (albeit often naive) projects
on the go at once. My Dad was running his own business at the time and I was excited to feel a part of
the ‘entrepreneurship club’. I made logos, and website mockups, and business plans, and learnt a ton on
my own. However come the age of 15 or 16 I had increasingly become settled on choosing medicine as
a university degree and career, and so my entrepreneurial side was quietened. It seemed to me that the
two were mutually exclusive, and that if I wanted to be a doctor then I couldn’t be an entrepreneur. In
retrospect this seems ridiculous and obviously false, and I plan to spend the rest of my life doing as much
of both as possible!

The turning point came when one of my family friends off-hand mentioned the Skoll Foundation to me. I
was researching sponsorship for the TEDxOxford 2018 conference, and they remembered that Skoll had
an event in Oxford every year, the Skoll World Forum. Incredibly a few months later I had managed to
secure the sponsorship of the Skoll Foundation for the conference, and I had been introduced to the
wonderful people at the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship in Oxford, part of the university’s Said
Business School. Discussing the impact of TEDx conferences with Nazia Ali (Programme Manager), we
began talking about the absence of a ‘social impact community’ in Oxford which could connect MBA
students, other graduate and undergraduate students, and non-students. With an idea milling in my head
for a new group, ‘Students for Social Entrepreneurship’, Nazia pointed me towards people and projects
to get brainstorming and researching.

Following a few weeks of meetings and reading I had started to discover the great wealth of opportunities
and resources available for young people interested in the social impact space. Most of all it astounded
me that almost all my peers had never come across most of it, and certainly no one had ever put it
forward to me before. A group of us like-minded and interested students started to gather and brainstorm
what exactly this was that we had found, and to try and put into words what we wanted to do about it.
This is an exercise that we still do today, and I hope will always continue to do. Just like the social impact
space itself, there is never a shortage of passion and even vision, but often grounding these in practical
description and action is very difficult. I roped in some people who were brighter and fresher to the
problem than I was, and over a number of weeks to months we churned out what For Changemakers is

Today we are edging closer to launching a new and unique community. We have been working (and are
still working) alongside degree work, and internships, and catering work, and office work to put together
a website and a number of events to kick off this movement within Oxford and hopefully beyond. We are
delighted to be working with a number of passionate partners which share our goals, and I will keep you
in the loop as and when stuff develops.

Keep your eyes and ears up for us, and check out our social media pages for more. In next the posts I
will explain what For Changemakers is all about, and go through all the thinking ‘behind the scenes’.